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Kathleen O’Hagan (b.1999) is a Brisbane based, emerging portrait artist, known for her hyper-realistic, colour-saturated drawings.

At 17, Kathleen has already exhibited and been awarded in key Australian institutions including the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Mosman Art Gallery and S.H. Ervin Gallery.

Currently, Kathleen is finishing a contract with Wombat Book Publishing to hopefully publish her first children’s book as an illustrator this year. She does not plan on stopping either, intending to enter several more art prizes in the future and to develop her already evolving arts career!

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Many rural Fijian schools, especially off the mainland, are often characteristically under-resourced and under-staffed. As part of my gap-year before I start university, I hope to volunteer as a teacher for 6 months, with Latitude Global Volunteering, in one of these schools.

Past volunteers have spoken of working alongside the community, partnering with the other teachers and forming long-lasting relationships with their students. Volunteers are given a range of different duties from teaching remedial English, being a welcome source of computer literacy to teaching sport and art classes. I am passionate to contribute to the best of my ability, and experience a culture far from my own!

If you are interested in investing in my placement and the lives of the children I may teach, I would be very grateful if you signed up to my mailing list bellow, to be notified of my soon to be released indigogo fund-raising page. Alternatively, your prayer and moral support is much appreciated as I take a leap of faith and hope to raise an estimated $4000.

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