Other Projects

Illustrations for “Colourful Memories”

During my final year of high school (2016), I was commissioned to illustrate a children’s book with the publisher Wombat Books, as seen below.

Publisher: Wombat Books

ISBN: 978-1925563429

Release: 15 July 2018

Price: $16.99 Paperback

Written by: Catherine Bauer

Illustrated by: Kathleen O’Hagan

“When Charlie comes to visit Opa she looks through his old boxes and photographs. Opa tells Charlie about the colour she cannot see in the black-and-white pictures. From yellow ribbons to green pine trees and blue over-sized jumpers, Charlie and Opa share his colourful memories.”

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Sketchbook from Fiji

In 2017, I spent three months in Viro Village, Fiji as a primary school teacher. Every week, I filled my Moleskine with thoughts and sketches. Here is a snapshot of my wonderful adventure 🙂

Stop-motion Project – “The Magic Pencil”

In my first year at the Queensland College of Art (2018), I was tasked to create a short stop-motion animation. Here is the fruit of my labour, “The Magic Pencil.”

Magic Pencil (2018), Stop-motion animation