Selected Projects

Eat Street Carpark Murals

In 2019, I worked as a mural artist alongside mentor Simon Degroot and artist Adrian Smith to complete 24 murals on concrete blocks across Eat Street’s Carpark 2. The project was commissioned by the Queensland Government as a part of the Northshore Waterfront’s Activation Precinct; and included a practical workshop with the public, the development of site-specific artwork designs and the installation of the painted artworks.

Following on, I assisted Ms Saffaa in installing her mural in Fish Lane, Brisbane for the Integrity 20 Conference.

Active Layers (2019), in partnership with Simon Degroot and Adrian Smith,
Northshore Waterfront Activation Precinct, Eat Street Carpark Murals, Brisbane.

Photos by Cian Sanders.

“Undergrowth” Exhibition

In 2020, my work was displayed in the invitational exhibition, “Undergrowth” at the Webb and Machinery Street Galleries, showcasing “some of the most innovative work” of QCA’s undergraduate students.

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In the Shadows (2020), Hand-made paper, linocut and screenprinting.

Photos by Cian Sanders.

“Best of Times” Project

The “Best of Times” Project illustrates the great global progress that has been made since 2000. Its purpose is to inspire young peoples’ confidence to create environmental and societal impact.

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30 Days of Good News

Based on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal’s progress report for 2019, “30 Days of Good News” contains a series of thirty artworks that each illustrate an advancement towards one of the seventeen SDGs. From a global increase in youth literacy to a drop in Malaria cases worldwide due to vaccination, there is reason to celebrate!

Selected Illustrations

Illustrations for “Colourful Memories”

During my final year of high school (2016), I was commissioned to illustrate a children’s book with the publisher Wombat Books, as seen below.

Publisher: Wombat Books

ISBN: 978-1925563429

Release: 15 July 2018

Price: $16.99 Paperback

Written by: Catherine Bauer

Illustrated by: Kathleen O’Hagan

“When Charlie comes to visit Opa she looks through his old boxes and photographs. Opa tells Charlie about the colour she cannot see in the black-and-white pictures. From yellow ribbons to green pine trees and blue over-sized jumpers, Charlie and Opa share his colourful memories.”

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Illustrations and Infographics for the Yunus Centre

 As a creative intern, I worked alongside the Yunus Centre, Griffith University to synthesis and visualise the Yunus Centre’s key areas of focus. I worked on two major projects – illustrating the impact of the circular economy on regenerative growth of human potential; and identifying and illustrating the key trends in Small Businesses and SE’s pivoting during the COROVID-19 crisis.

Yunus Centre Core Mission – Regenerative Growth within the Circular Economy, Infographic for Teaching, Coloured Pencil and Fine-liner.
Yunus Centre Core Mission – Regenerative Growth within the Circular Economy, Mural Design, Coloured Pencil and Fine-liner
Yunus Centre Core Mission – Regenerative Growth within the Circular Economy, Simplified Design and Coloured Pencil, Coloured Pencil and Fine-liner
10 Ways to Support Small Business and Social Enterprise, Infographic, Coloured Pencil and Fineliner